Zero Dimensional Spatial Method

class pybamm.ZeroDimensionalSpatialMethod(options=None)[source]

A discretisation class for the zero dimensional mesh

boundary_value_or_flux(symbol, discretised_child, bcs=None)[source]

In 0D, the boundary value is the identity operator. See SpatialMethod.boundary_value_or_flux()

indefinite_integral(child, discretised_child, direction)[source]

Calculates the zero-dimensional indefinite integral. If ‘direction’ is forward, this is the identity operator. If ‘direction’ is backward, this is the negation operator.

integral(child, discretised_child, integration_dimension)[source]

Calculates the zero-dimensional integral, i.e. the identity operator

mass_matrix(symbol, boundary_conditions)[source]

Calculates the mass matrix for a spatial method. Since the spatial method is zero dimensional, this is simply the number 1.