Lithium-ion Parameters

class pybamm.LithiumIonParameters(options=None)[source]

Standard parameters for lithium-ion battery models

  1. Dimensional Parameters

  2. Dimensional Functions

  3. Scalings

  4. Dimensionless Parameters

  5. Dimensionless Functions

  6. Input Current


options (dict, optional) –

A dictionary of options to be passed to the parameters. The options that can be set are listed below.

  • ”particle shape”str, optional

    Sets the model shape of the electrode particles. This is used to calculate the surface area to volume ratio. Can be “spherical” (default). TODO: implement “cylindrical” and “platelet”.

  • ”working electrode”: str

    Which electrode(s) intercalates and which is counter. If “both” (default), the model is a standard battery. Otherwise can be “negative” or “positive” to indicate a half-cell model.