Constant Porosity

class pybamm.porosity.Constant(param, options)

Submodel for constant porosity


param (parameter class) – The parameters to use for this submodel

Extends: pybamm.porosity.BaseModel


A public method that creates and returns the variables in a submodel which can be created independent of other submodels. For example, the electrolyte concentration variables can be created independent of whether any other variables have been defined in the model. As a rule, if a variable can be created without variables from other submodels, then it should be placed in this method.


The variables created by the submodel which are independent of variables in other submodels.

Return type:



A method to set events related to the state of submodel variable. Note: this method modifies the state of Unless overwritten by a submodel, the default behaviour of ‘pass’ is used a implemented in pybamm.BaseSubModel.


variables (dict) – The variables in the whole model.