Composite Model

class pybamm.electrolyte_conductivity.Composite(param, domain=None, options=None)

Base class for conservation of charge in the electrolyte employing the Stefan-Maxwell constitutive equations.

  • param (parameter class) – The parameters to use for this submodel

  • domain (str, optional) – The domain in which the model holds

  • options (dict, optional) – A dictionary of options to be passed to the model.

  • higher_order_terms (str) – What kind of higher-order terms to use (‘composite’ or ‘first-order’)

  • **Extends (** pybamm.electrolyte_conductivity.BaseElectrolyteConductivity) –


A public method that creates and returns the variables in a submodel which require variables in other submodels to be set first. For example, the exchange current density requires the concentration in the electrolyte to be created before it can be created. If a variable can be created independent of other submodels then it should be created in ‘get_fundamental_variables’ instead of this method.


variables (dict) – The variables in the whole model.


The variables created in this submodel which depend on variables in other submodels.

Return type: