Leading-Order Quasi-Static Model

class pybamm.lead_acid.LOQS(options=None, name='LOQS model', build=True)

Leading-Order Quasi-Static model for lead-acid, from [1].

  • options (dict, optional) – A dictionary of options to be passed to the model. For a detailed list of options see BatteryModelOptions.

  • name (str, optional) – The name of the model.

  • build (bool, optional) – Whether to build the model on instantiation. Default is True. Setting this option to False allows users to change any number of the submodels before building the complete model (submodels cannot be changed after the model is built).


Extends: pybamm.lead_acid.BaseModel


Define how the external circuit defines the boundary conditions for the model, e.g. (not necessarily constant-) current, voltage, etc